Regulation Compliance Braintree

Regulation Compliance Braintree is essential for project planning. Current regulations enable great acoustic performance for new and existing residents of a given development. The primary goal of these regulations is to reduce the number of complaints received by local councils.

Regulatory compliance Braintree includes:

  • Residential developments: a typical sound test is done for residential developments to show compliance with Building Regulations Approved Document Part E (ADE) setting strict guidelines that clarify how new or converted dwellings should be built to achieve acoustic standards for compliance and sign off with building control. As a general rule, at least 10% of homes must be tested to meet these requirements.
  • Commercial Developments: acoustic compliance for offices needs to meet BREEAM credits and British Council for Offices (BCO Guide) for sound insulation between rooms for acoustic privacy providing maximum production for staff. This also includes reverberation time requirements and internal ambient noise levels.
  • Healthcare: guidance in an NHS Estates publication Health Technical Memorandum 08-01 (HTM 08-01) is a key requirement for hospitals and medical facilities, offering guidance on sound insulation performance between spaces. Good acoustic design in hospitals results in better patient sleep and recovery, and improves clinic staff working conditions, enabling privacy and the perfect noise climate.
  • Schools: schools need to comply with Building Bulletin 93 (BB93) Design guide which protects both students and teachers to provide an optimum acoustic performance and improve learning for all.
  • Industrial: there are various regulations for the industry, but the most important is The Noise at Work Regulations Act (NAW) for the commercial environmental. Noise control for various commercial factories where machinery is used can improve the environment for employees. Meeting HSE requirements protects employees, maintains and often enhances efficiency and productivity.

Our acoustic consultants will work alongside you through the planning stage through to the final handover stage to ensure total compliance with regulations. We make sure that the building acoustics and architectural acoustics of your project are excellent.

Regulation Compliance

Climate Acoustics can help you from start to finish of your project by adding value with our many years of experience in Regulation Compliance Braintree from our team of experts.

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