Construction Site Noise Solutions

Construction site noise solutions and monitoring are a common requirement for councils throughout the UK, as councils will often need proof that noise, vibration and dust are controlled and mitigated from start to finish of a construction development.

The types of construction sites that may require noise solutions include road projects, residential or commercial developments and railways. Sites such as these need to meet limits set by governing bodies.

With over 12 years’ experience with providing construction noise solutions, vibration and dust consultancy advice, you can have the added confidence of leaving it to our capable team to make you aware of the necessary requirements for Construction Site Noise solutions.

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Construction Site Noise Solutions

A contractor conducting demolition or construction works on a development will need consent from the local authority to limit noise, vibration and dust before work begins on site per the Control of Pollution Act 1974 (CoPA). Either Option 1 or Option 2 may be requested by the local authority:

  • Option 1 – Construction Management Plan (CMP)
  • Option 2 – Section 60 or Section 61 (S60 or S61) application

To assess noise for a CMP or S60 or S61 application, Climate will request further information from the contractor to accurately predict noise, vibration and dust from your site as per BS5228.

A contractor is responsible for all actions on site and is liable for any breaches to the limits set. Climate Acoustics alert its clients immediately by text, email or phone. Our proactive approach helps all our clients immediately resolve the issue and our consultants are on hand to react to the situation whenever necessary. Also, our audio recording capability may identify the source of the noise problem.

Construction Site Noise, Vibration and Dust Monitoring Solutions

How do Climate add value to your Construction Project?

Climate can assist and install long-term monitoring equipment to measure noise, vibration and dust at the nearby sensitive commercial and residential receivers (receiver is a technical term for the sites impacted by noise, e.g. local residents).

Our continued monitoring, maintenance and reporting service is bespoke for each client and their project. We remotely download all data to provide tailored and fast weekly/monthly technical reports, demonstrating the measured levels at each monitoring location and show if the limits set are complied with for the local authorities:

  • Planning conditions
  • Construction Management Plan, Section 60 or Section 61 requirements
  • BS5228-1 & BS5228-2 2009+A1-2014 Code of practice for noise and vibration control on construction and open sites: Part 1: Noise, and Part 2: Vibration

Our expert consultants also have expertise and experience in predicting noise and vibration through calculation. We have also served on the Crossrail project which provided invaluable experience for overcoming many challenges. All our staff hold a valid CSCS card.

How do Climate add value to your construction project?

Call Climate Acoustics today on 01245 800105 or email,

We will be happy to assist you in solving your Construction Site Noise Solutions.