Sound Insulation Testing

Sound insulation testing is an integral factor in project planning. The acoustic performance of separating floors or separating walls is required to meet UK sound insulation standards. Climate Acoustics offer sound insulation testing to our private sector clients that include architects, interior designers and building contractors from concept, through to design, build & final commissioning testing.

Our clients’ individual needs are the focus of our acoustic advice and testing for various projects throughout the UK. We always keep a close eye on your budget. With over 12 years’ experience conducting sound insulation tests, we can deal with the most challenging of projects.

Climate Acoustics offer Sound Insulation Testing services for the following sectors:

  • Residential developments
  • Commercial developments
  • Healthcare
  • Schools
  • Industrial

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Sound Insulation Testing

Sound Insulation testing for all new dwellings constructed or any converted home with a separating party wall or floor between habitable rooms in residential houses/flats is a legal requirement. Sound Insulation is defined as either:

  1. The use of structures and materials designed to reduce the transmission of sound from one room or area of a building to another or from the exterior to the interior of a building.*
  2. The degree by which means of sound-insulating structures and materials reduce sound transmission.

Airborne and impact tests occur between pairs of separated dwellings:

  • Airborne test – between separating walls or floors using a speaker system outputting ‘white noise’ at a level of 100dBA+ to test the performance of the separating element. The airborne sound can is noise transmitted through the air such as speech or music.
  • Impact test – through a separating floor using a tapping machine. Impact sound is a sound through the floor surface. This type of noise includes footfall and dropping a heavy weight on the floor making an impact noise.

Climate Acoustics will to stand by you and your team throughout your project to see it through to completion and indeed compliance.

We have experience overcoming design details that are not sufficient to meet required acoustic performance, including an exposed soffit, natural ventilation, and glazed screens between spaces. Although, if there is a test failure, Climate can identify the cause of any test failure, through calculation and acoustic testing for flanking sound transmission and provide straightforward acoustic advice to solve the fault.

Our sound insulation test reports are written and tailored for your local council or private building control requirements. Our reports are easy to read and at a competitive price, with a quick and reliable turnaround.

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Sound Insulation Testing

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