Environmental Noise Impact Surveys Braintree

Climate Acoustics offer an environmental noise impact surveys Braintree service to meet planning requirements for new and change of use developments. Our acoustic consultants for environmental noise have a track record of successfully delivering on projects for our clients.

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Why are Noise Impact Surveys Braintree Necessary?

Noise impact surveys Braintree are necessary to confirm planning consent for a proposed development. The primary objective of a noise impact assessment is to protect existing and proposed premises from noise and ensure residents are not adversely affected by the nearby noise sources and the current noise climate.

It also helps improve the design of a building before development and is a proven method to protect internal and external amenity areas.

Climate Acoustics Provide Noise Impact Surveys Braintree for Planning Approval

Our team have expertise working with local councils and in the private sector to cover all planning requirements for noise. The services we offer include:

  • Noise impact surveys
  • Environmental impact assessments (EIA’s).

Planning condition compliance is a highly valued part of our service offering. The way we help meet these conditions is through noise measurements of the current noise climate at the proposed site and predicting the noise impact to the neighbouring residential and/or commercial premises.

Call Climate Acoustics today at 01245 800105 or email, info@climateacoustics.com. We’ll be happy to assist you in solving your noise impact survey requirements.

What Noise Impact Surveys Do Climate Acoustics Offer?

Our technical acoustic reports can add considerable weight and credibility to any planning application, demonstrating noise has been considered. We provide bespoke acoustic design advice and recommendations for any development or proposal. Our technical acoustic reports are easy to follow and help meet the council’s requirements using the latest guidance and Government standards.

Here are some examples of the type of noise impact assessments that Climate Acoustics can assist you with:

New or Change of Use Residential:
a proposed development can be assessed to meet the internal noise level requirements set in BS 8233: 2014. This report will give recommendations on the minimum construction design requirements for the build, including glazing, ventilation, roof and external walls, along with garden amenity recommendations to meet BS 8233: 2014 external noise criteria.

Kitchen Extractor or Mechanical Plant:
before or after implementing a new kitchen extraction unit, generator, air handling unit, swimming pool plant or plant room, it is important to have a noise impact assessment carried out. Such noise is likely to creep above the existing noise climate and consequently have an adverse impact on neighbouring residential or commercial properties nearby. Achieving the requirements set by local councils’, a noise assessment can be carried out as per BS 4142: 2014 plant noise criteria.

Entertainment/Event Noise:
investigating and controlling noise requires expert acoustic advice which is cost effective and meets a council’s requirements for noise. Climate can assess and mitigate noise through noise prediction and measurement. The type of venues we have assessed include, music venues, bars/pubs, wedding venues, motocross tracks, motor race tracks, football grounds and cricket grounds.

Demolition/ Construction Noise and Vibration:
when complaints from nearby residents occur, noise investigations can be carried out during the day or night to confirm if the noise being produced is at the tolerable/ reasonable noise level. If it doesn’t meet the requirements of BS 5228-1 (noise) & BS 5228-2 (vibration), a bespoke technical acoustic report can be generated to reduce noise and vibration to required levels.

Places of Worship and Town Halls:
this is particularly relevant when music is being played, along with announcements and singing with speaker amplification. These venues can require noise to be controlled from inside to outside, which is called noise breakout. We can measure the existing noise climate at the nearest receiver (receiver is a technical term for the sites impacted by noise, e.g. local residents) and predict and design the proposed development so that noise is both enjoyable inside as well as quiet outside.

Internal noise between adjacent flats/houses (Building Acoustics):
if you’re having a problem with noisy neighbours then we can help with our sound insulation solutions. Click here for more information/guidance.

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We will be happy to assist you in solving your noise problem.